How long do your paint your nails already?
I started painting my nails when I was 14 and do nail art since 2012.

How long does it take to finish a design?
“Simple” nail art normally takes 30 minutes up to an hour and detailed designs could take longer (1-2h). By the way, I always wear different manicures on both of my hands!

Is this your job?
No, it’s just a hobby and helps me to relax! Also I really appreciate the nail art community :)

Which paint do you use?
Most of the time, I use acrylic paint on top of a regular nail polish, because it dries pretty quick and is easy to work with.

Can you recommend any brushes?
Actually, I just use the thinnest synthetic (of course) brush from my local craft store and trim it if necessary. I also love the Warrior brush by SoNailicious and the 3mm brush by Mitty, if you’re looking for real nail art brushes :)

Which are your favourite vegan & cruelty-free nail polish brands?
I really like NCLA, Kester Black and Orly! Also Picture Polish is great, as well as a lot of indie brands that don’t test on animals! For gel polish and chrome powders I use Madam Glam. A great German brand is Kia Charlotta!